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Valley Walk Animal Hospital - Dr. Tony Holtzclaw at 3075 Locust Hill Road in Taylors, South Carolina

Valley Walk Animal Hospital - Dr. Tony Holtzclaw is healthcare, which located in South Carolina. They address is 3075 Locust Hill Road.
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Phone: +1 864-655-4545


3075 Locust Hill Road,
Taylors, South Carolina
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Customer Reviews about Valley Walk Animal Hospital - Dr. Tony Holtzclaw

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    Dr. Tony Holtzclaw, with Valley Walk Animal Hospital is easily the most uneducated, incompetent veterinarian I’ve ever encountered. During my recent visit to his office, he made serious mistakes that nearly cost my cat his life. My cat had been lethargic, had no appetite, and was hiding under a bed prior to my appt. After several attempts to retrieve him, he bit my hand and wrist. I was still bleeding when I arrived at Valley Walk. When the dr entered the exam room, he addressed the wounds and recommended immediate medical care. The seriousness of rabies was discussed at which point I informed the him that it had been several years since the cat’s last vaccine. Dr. Hotlzclaw stated that he would need confirmation that a rabies vaccine had ever been administered or he was required to euthanize my cat that day. He explained that after euthanasia, he would remove the cat’s head and submit it for testing. Throughout our discussion, he repeated the gruesomeness of severing my cat’s head to the point that I requested he refrain from doing so. Shortly after, he attempted to contact the Humane Society, where the cat had been given his last vaccine. Fortunately, the vet got voice mail, and was not able to speak with anyone. For this reason, he stated that a 10-day, at-home quarantine period would be required. After the examination, I discovered that a rabies vaccine had been administered during the exam. I later learned that a rabies vaccine should be given after the quarantine period, not prior to, or during, the quarantine. This is to avoid mistaking the side effects of the vaccination, for the symptoms of rabies, which can be similar. It’s inexcusable and indefensible that Dr. Holtzclaw is not aware of this. My cat almost lost his life the day that I brought him to Valley Walk Animal Hospital, and I would have suffered enormous grief knowing his fate. If someone had answered the phone at the Humane Society that day, they would have informed Dr. Holtzclaw that they only keep vaccine records for three years, and had no information on my cat. At that point, I would have signed the euthanasia form, believing that I was following the law. I would not have known that Dr. Holtzclaw was ignorant regarding the protocol for treating an animal that has bitten its owner. The protocol is not same-day euthanasia. Instead, it is a 10-day, at-home quarantine. There was absolutely no reason for Dr. Holtzclaw to have discussed euthanasia and decapitation with me. It was incredibly unprofessional and distasteful of him to do so. I was needlessly upset over a conversation that never should have taken place. I realize that I’m at fault for not having my cat vaccinated each year, but I do the best I can with the former strays that I’ve adopted. If you are thinking of bringing your pet to Valley Walk Animal Hospital, I would strongly advise you to choose another vet.
    June 14, 2018
    by Nancy H.
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Valley Walk Animal Hospital - Dr. Tony Holtzclaw is located at 3075 Locust Hill Road, Taylors, South Carolina.